The world’s most comprehensive VR education
solution for schools

Powered by the world’s largest interactive , curriculum-aligned immersive content library


Education-first hardware for a seamless
classroom experience

Efficient offline

Built-in mobile device

128 GB ROM


Massive storage to add
more VR content

Operating system designed
for educational use

  • Our extensive content library has over 1000+ modules carefully curated to align with educational standards, focusing on STEM subjects, educational tours, and language learning.
  • Our Virtual Reality solutions offer immersive and interactive content to empower educators and enhance the STEM learning experience for students. Our Virtual Reality in classrooms standards-aligned modules covers a wide range of grades and subjects, focusing on complex concepts in any curriculum, (i.e. Qatar Curriculum, NGSS, ICSE, IGCSE, etc.)
  • Virtual Reality for Education contents are specially curated and aligned by our expert team, which ensures that the overall learning experience for the students is immersive, interactive and inspiring.
  • Our Virtual Reality in classroom revolves around creating an enriching and interactive educational journey, fostering a love for learning in students by allowing them to explore, interact, and grasp foundational concepts in an enjoyable manner.

OUR VR Contents


Our VR modules for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) provide students with the opportunity to learn in an immersive way, allowing them to experience extraordinary locations or environments in a way that is both engaging and informative.


Create your own VR content using your own 360-degrees pictures, and add interactive links to other scenes, 3D objects, object descriptions, audio files and more.

Career Discovery

Provides students valuable resources, guidance and opportunities to explore and discover the career path they choose to fulfill.

Virtual Tours

Explore popular landmarks without passport. With over 20 destinations, our immersive experience forges emotional connections to iconic landmarks, fostering cultural understanding.

English Language Learning(ELL)

We created a realistic environment to allow the students to interact with virtual scenarios to accelerate their English language proficiency.

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