IP cams and video analytics

We work closely with our clients to
conceptualize, design, engineer and execute events that drive business results.

Cherry Computers is a leading innovator and provider of intelligent video software that enhance security, streamline operations and provide business intelligence. We provide customized security and surveillance solutions to meet the unique needs of each deployment. Our solutions are highly flexible and scalable with huge cost savings, making us the best choice for your video analytic needs.

Types of solutions offered include:

  • Face Recognition
  • People Search
  • Vehicle Search
  • Crowd Detection
  • Traffic Violation
  • People and Vehicle counting

We put in constant R&D efforts to keep our products and technology at the leading edge of video analytics field.

Few features that make our solutions stand out in the crowd are:

  • Smart and Effective surveillance
  • Highly scalable and easy to integrate'
  • Robust and portable
  • Hassle-free and quick installations