Gulf Recruitment Suite and (HRMS)

Cherry Computers provides a solution for effective
Human Recruitment process called “Gulf Recruitment Suite”.

In a competitive world human capital plays a vital role in the success of the business. Sourcing of right candidates at right time will be the toughest challenges all Business faces. Cherry Computers provides a solution for effective Human Recruitment process called “Gulf Recruitment Suite”. GRS (Gulf Recruitment Software) is a streamlined and efficient solution for Human Recruitment. GRS automate the whole human Recruitment process and helps in monitoring your whole process from single platform.


Branded Career Site

A compelling career site is as essential as having a good recruitment system and a smart sourcing strategy. You don’t need an IT department to advertise job openings on your own website. Setting up a branded careers page can be done in a few minutes. This keeps your jobs updated automatically, every time you create a new position.

Collaborative recruitment

Make the right hire collectively by allowing recruiters to leverage shared knowledge. Everything from feedback notes to job applicant lists to interesting CVs is shareable, thus, maximizing productivity and enabling the team to make the right hire.

Mobile Responsive:-

Recruitment in Your Pocket

Stay in touch with your recruitment funnel outside the office. Viewing applications on your jobs in real time or sharing that great CV with a colleague while you're out and about, now becomes a matter of a few taps. With an intuitive interface and rich feature set, the mobile app is a must-have for everyone on the recruiter’s team.

Applicant tracking

The filters in GRS allows you to label, organize and search candidates using the filter. Choose your own filters to sort Profile for job position, hiring stage, status or application date. By streamlining the hiring process and using smart technology it is possible to reduce your time-to-hire by 60%, while improving the quality of new recruits

Candidate Management

Access your talent pool with ease. You can rate and organize applications into subsections or folders for later reference, regardless of the channels they originate from. Perform complex searches on applications across all CV contents, and bulk email hundreds of candidates with updates and requests for information.

External Recruitment

Move away from email as the primary paradigm of sharing referrals. Get your external recruiters to just login and add CVs using the simple CV Builder.CVs get directly added to your talent pool and remain discoverable to your entire team via the CV search tools. It’s simple

Customized Dashboard

GRS provides Customized Dash boards which gives the reports on status of various process. Dash board can help you in fetching status of each tasks. Which help you to the progress of process.

Active CV Bank

Active CV Bank can considered as an online Talent pool. Application for a job can be reused for other job orders where we can produce faster than any other competitors. CV uploaded will be stored in database which can be reused for various jobs.