Cloud computing (PaaS, IaaS and SaaS)

Cloud services help in achieving better
business alignment and improved organizational agility with optimized IT costs.

Cloud computing has redefined the way applications are designed, tested and deployed. Enterprises are seeking solutions that are flexible, scalable and responsive and not confined to their boundaries. Cloud services help in achieving better business alignment and improved organizational agility with optimized IT costs.

Applications integrated with Cloud are highly scalable and agile with increased data storage and on-demand access from any device at highly reduced costs. Being a distributed network configuring multiple applications of diverse nature using an adaptor or middleware, Cloud integration reduces effort and complexity involved in manual programming.

Challenges in cloud integration are not to be underestimated, API integration complexities and data migration pose serious challenges. Software architects follow a precise and pragmatic approach to meet these challenges.

We at Cherry Computers offer cloud integration services for the three service delivery models- PaaS, SaaS and IaaS. We provide On-premise to cloud, cloud to cloud and business to business integration services. Our deep knowledge, in-depth expertise in technology and capability over various IT solutions maintaining high quality strategies along with vast experience have taken us to success in cloud integration projects for global enterprises.

Our Propositions

  • Application optimization for cloud capabilities
  • Leveraging cloud initiatives with enterprise objectives
  • Security framework and hybrid cloud environment
  • On-premises to SaaS or Cloud to Cloud and B2B integration
  • Integration for all service delivery models-SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance and support


With a concrete understanding on SaaS integration and the complexities involved, we develop scalable SaaS-model web applications using service oriented architecture. We help you integrate your internal applications or vendor or client (B2B) applications with cloud.


We develop applications by leveraging Google Application Engine and Windows Azure for Development, debugging, test and host environment.


We offer comprehensive cloud integration for IaaS with proven expertise in hosting applications in Amazon, Rackspace Clouds, Data Storage, Content Delivery Network implementation and Media Streaming.


Availablity of ready-to-use middleware makes cloud integration easy. We have expertise in Dell Boomi and Windows Azure Service Bus.